Apps built for Microsoft HoloLens.

See a few of the ways HoloLens apps let you connect, create, and explore in mixed reality. Download all of these apps from Windows Store for Microsoft HoloLens. There are already hundreds of Universal Windows apps available for download from Windows Store today that run on HoloLens. As you begin building for the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, we can’t wait to be inspired by the apps you create. The first apps for Microsoft HoloLens showcase the promise of mixed reality and share a purpose to inspire developers. Start creating and interacting with holograms in relation to the world around you.

Actiongram Beta

Actiongram delivers an eclectic mix of holograms that enables new forms of storytelling. Stage your own video creations by moving, resizing, rotating, and recording these holograms in your home, and then share those videos with your friends. Coming soon.


Build 3D in 3D with natural gestures and movement, using holographic tools modeled from tools in the real world. Create holograms of your own design and turn them into physical objects with 3D print compatibility. Get a hands-on understanding of how users interact with 3D content.


Educational and instructional moments are more effective when you can show as well as tell. Skype for HoloLens lets your contacts see what you see and draw on their screens to place holograms over physical objects in your view. See how holograms can help people communicate in new ways.


Get up out of your seat to explore the beauty of Rome or uncover the secrets of Machu Picchu. Easily move around your real world and naturally interact with elements of the tour. An immersive combination of 360-degree video, spatial sound, and holographic scenery lets you feel like you’re really there.

Young Conker

Guide a playful, pint-sized hero through your world in an ever-changing adventure game that highlights the fun of playing in mixed reality. Levels change and adapt to your environment, so you can play the same level in different rooms for a unique experience every time.


In this mixed reality first‑person shooter use gaze and gesture to target enemies and dodge incoming fire using natural movements. Spatial mapping turns each room into a unique game level, while spatial sound lets you use the entire room to play—even the spaces behind you.