Why do I need a Microsoft Account (MSA) and where do I get one?

An MSA is required to complete your purchase. If you don’t have already have one, you can create one here.

I bought one device and now I want to purchase more. Where do I go?

You may purchase up to five devices on a single MSA. Return to Microsoft Store to order the remainder of your allowed devices up to five. Access the US Microsoft Store here or our Canadian store here.

What options are available to businesses interested in Microsoft HoloLens?

For volume orders, professional service engagements, or more information about enterprise features, contact your Microsoft account representative or email

I’m a developer who wants to purchase a Microsoft HoloLens. What do I do?

Developers in the United States and Canada can now order up to five devices per Microsoft Account (MSA) directly from our online Microsoft Store. Access the US Microsoft Store here or our Canadian store here.

What is the Windows Insider Program?

Join the Windows Insider Program to help shape the Windows experience for millions of people! You'll be able to opt-in to receive preview builds and give us feedback on our latest work. Help shape the future of Windows - Be a part of the ongoing process of improving the features and functionality of Windows. Be a part of the community - Connect with people who are as into technology as you are. Join the forums, swap advice, and learn about upcoming Insider-only events. Get early access to releases - Download the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview and get ready for the coming PC builds.

Who will benefit most from Microsoft HoloLens?

We are excited about the possibilities that Microsoft HoloLens will enable. We believe developers, commercial organizations, designers, and creators will find unique value in Microsoft HoloLens. For developers, Windows 10 on Microsoft HoloLens is the premier holographic platform that enables you to help develop the future of holographic computing. Built on Windows 10, Microsoft HoloLens will be a revolutionary tool for businesses—transforming how companies, designers, and creators work with three-dimensional data to bring products and information to life. This is just the beginning. While our current focus is growing the ecosystem through the efforts of pioneering developers and commercial partners, we are also committed to releasing HoloLens to consumers in the next few years.

How can I see holograms mixed with my real world with Microsoft HoloLens?

Microsoft HoloLens generates a multi-dimensional image visible to a user so that he or she perceives holographic objects in the physical world. Holographic objects seen with Microsoft HoloLens can be placed in physical locations you choose, move according to their own rules, or remain in a specific location regardless of where you are or in which direction you are looking.